Wayfarer Pizza is the brainchild of PLT Co-Owner Mike Dew. An avid pizza lover, Mike has been experimenting with dough recipes, topping combinations, and sharing a wide range of pizza styles with friends and family for over 10 years, and he is excited to launch his 1st pizza pop-up on Monday, September 18th at Pho Lang Thang.

The pop-up will feature 12" thin and crispy Bar Style pizzas, baked in a shallow pan with crispy cheese edges and select toppings in the New England Bar Style, and cut into square pieces similar to Chicago Tavern Style.

Pick a time slot below to order a pizza. We will have the pizza available at the bar at the selected time. We encourage guests to arrive early and enjoy a drink at the bar before and with their pizzas.

One time slot = one pizza

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